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Services Include:


v  Expert economic analysis for child support cases

v  Expert economic analysis for alimony cases


v  Personal injury analysis and other economic damages


v  Life care plan projections


v  General economic consulting services




Child Support Economic Issues




·         “In-House” CLE Classes

Rogers Economics now conducts “in-house” CLE classes. Your staff can obtain CLE credits and training conveniently at your own offices. The current 4 hour CLE credit version can be presented on a schedule convenient to your staff. Call for details.




·         Expert Testimony on Child Support Issues

Expert testimony is available for explaining deviations that apply to your client’s case. Analysis includes economic exhibits explaining how deviation amounts were calculated. The analysis also includes standard legal arguments used by other attorneys in conformance with statute and appellate opinion.




·         High Income Cases

Rogers Economics specializes in analysis and exhibits for high income cases. Rogers Economics has provided expert support for both custodial and noncustodial parents in high income cases. Recent appellate opinion has made high income deviations more difficult to obtain in Georgia, requiring specific steps for the deviation.  Other states have similar requirements for high income cases.  Detailed analysis for such cases make awards more compelling.




·         Independent Review

Rogers Economics can provide an independent review of proposed worksheets and proposed orders. Rogers Economics has more than a decade of experience working with attorneys to ensure that proposed awards conform to statutory procedure and have appropriate exhibits to support arguments.




·         Basic Analysis for Child Support Worksheets

The Excel child support worksheet can be daunting at times. Rogers Economics can provide cost effective assistance in obtaining information from your client to populate the child support worksheet and provide simple and clear “notes” on how the worksheet was filled in. That is, Rogers Economics helps develop simple documentation to explain in court how you determined what went into the worksheet. Basic analysis covers obtaining key information from the client, filling in the worksheet, and creating the memo that explains the how and what went into the worksheet.

Ø  More Detail on Child Support Analysis and Testimony


Visit to learn more about our services in the child support arena. The child support analysis is unparalleled for rebuttal of guideline presumptive awards. Years of experience in working with attorneys have established a strong combination of legal and economic strategies.


·         Alimony Analysis

Alimony issues can crop up with child support or can be independent if there are no children in a divorce case. Rogers Economics can assist with impact analysis of alternative alimony awards.


Ø  More Detail on Alimony Economic Analysis and Testimony




Personal Injury Analysis and Other Economic Damages




We provide a wide variety of services related to analysis of economic damages.  These include:


·        Personal injury


·        Wrongful discharge or discrimination


·        Wrongful death


·        Projecting costs for life care plans



Ø  More Detail on Personal Injury Analysis and Other Economic Damages




General Economic Consulting Services




·         Revenue, demand and inventory forecasting


·        Scenario analysis for various corporate or government needs, including economic impact studies. Economic surveillance at national, regional or local levels for strategic or production planning. Especially useful for foreign corporations interested in U.S. investment opportunities and for government budget planning.


·        Corporate and governmental internal databases, expertise in developing and improving databases for a variety of purposes and making them "user-friendly" for employees.


·        Marketing issues that can be addressed with survey design and implementation, demographic and other data analysis, and even with the development of internal company data into PR vehicles.


·        Human Resource Department types of needs -- including developing contract escalation clauses, employment cost forecasting, and executive performance evaluation.




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