Continuing Legal Education (CLE) on Child Support

Upcoming CLE Seminars

The next CLE seminar is scheduled for November 6, 2017 in Atlanta,GA.

Potential Upcoming Legislative Issues for
Georgia Child Support Guidelines

Monday Afternoon, November 6, 2017
The State Bar of Georgia Building, Atlanta, GA

Sponsored by:

Rogers Economics, Inc.

Peachtree City, GA 30269


3 regular CLE hours for GA


This seminar covers a wide range of legislative issues:

  • parenting time deviations,
  • multiple worksheet difficulties,
  • addressing whether day care should be taken out of the worksheet,
  • new federal regulations on self-support formulas and imputed income, and
  • what the next BCSO is likely to look like, among others.

Economist and expert witness R. Mark Rogers shares his experience from working with clients in Georgia and over twenty other states nationally on strategies for deviating for many common deviation factors. Emphasis is on using the new deviation Excel calculator to simplify creating exhibits and use for Schedule E.

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This seminar on child support deviation strategies has been updated. This course still includes a foundation for learning the Income Shares methodology. Emphasis is on procedure to ensure passing muster with the Court.

Updates include: tips and documents to improve handling daily office work related to child support cases, recent appellate opinions, and expanded materials on underlying assumptions of the guidelines. As always, a broad range of deviation strategies are covered-including for high income cases. Materials are useful for custodial and noncustodial parents.

This seminar condenses key issues on making sure you comply with procedures for deviating. Then the focus shifts to how to quickly build analysis and exhibits for your Word documents for court room arguments. The seminar shows you how to quickly become comfortable using the seminar's Excel software for deviation exhibits. Strengthen your arguments and give the judge a place to hang his or her hat.

The seminar additionally includes:

  • Case law from Georgia on deviating as well as from long-standing Income Shares states.
  • A check list for deviating and helping to ensure supporting exhibits are appropriate.
  • Easy to use software to simplify creating exhibits to support deviation arguments. The updated seminar has a brand new Excel version of the deviation calculator which covers more deviation factors and is easy to use for copying and pasting exhibit tables. The latest version covers: parenting time, life insurance, other health-related insurance, travel expenses, child care tax credits, and putting child care expenses on a reimbursement basis. For parenting time analysis, a new feature is "what if" presumptive awards were based on selected states with presumptive parenting time formulas. Importantly, you can copy and paste all exhibits into Word! Minimal Excel experienced needed!
  • The latest version of the seminar has sections focusing on day-to-day maintenance of case information and analysis.
  • Additional resource materials, including an Excel version of the required financial affidavit and an Excel parenting time calculator.

What stands out about this seminar is that the strategies are documented-with underlying studies, statutes and case law from Georgia and other states, and apply rational methodologies.

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In addition to attorneys needing the CLE credits, there is a discount if CLE credit is not needed (the CLE fees are paid to the Bar by Rogers Economics and are not charged when not needed). Also welcome are non-attorney staff members and the public at the reduced fee.