Child Support Economics for State Agencies

Responsible for Updating Guidelines


·       Four-year Economic Reviews (“Quadrennial Review”) of a State’s Child Support Guidelines


Rogers Economics is experienced with helping states meet federal requirements to analyze child support guidelines with up-to-date economic data on child costs.  Analysis has been for comprehensive reviews and for focusing on special topics.  Rogers has testified on child support issues before legislative committees in Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, and Virginia and by invitation before the U.S. Congress.  He has presented to child support review commissions in Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.


·       Four-year case study of a state’s child support orders and deviations (“Quadrennial Review”)


This link has moderately detailed discussion on why states must conduct case studies on child support awards.  Also covered are likely needs for states on analysis required under new federal regulations.


Rogers Economics is qualified and experienced with analyzing a state’s case data for federally required studies of a sampling of child support award and deviations.



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