Rogers Economics is a multi-service economics firm with proven results providing economic analysis and expert testimony for court cases concerning:

  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Life Care Plans

Rogers Economics provides services for clients throughout the U.S.

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Analysis for personal injury and wrongful death cases focuses on including facets of losses that other experts often overlook. Methods highlight generally accepted procedure and  analysis and exhibits that are readily accepted by judge or jury.

For child support, we focus on providing economic analysis for the particular circumstances of your case so that you may receive the correct award rather than the state default award, which often doesn’t take into account your individual issues.  Key facets of analysis are for knowing how to delve into comprehensive details of your case, applying often overlooked facets of analysis for income, procedure, and deviations.

For state governments, Rogers Economics has experience evaluating guidelines and developing updates and conducting case study analysis.

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The next CLE seminar is scheduled for November 19, Zoom Conference Room


Georgia Child Support Deviation Strategies,

Deviation Procedure, Worksheets

& Improving Casework Flow

Thursday Afternoon, November 19, 2020

Zoom Conference Room, from Your Office or Home Office

Sponsored by:
Rogers Economics, Inc.
Peachtree City, GA 30269

3 regular CLE hours for GA attorneys

This CLE seminar focuses on applying deviations, based on code, appellate opinion, and courtroom exhibits. Appellate courts have given more attention to child support award procedure and this seminar covers key issues, helping to ensure your worksheets and arguments pass muster. Special sections are included for handling worksheets and for organizing case work.

This Zoom based CLE is a first for Rogers Economics but Zoom meetings are now well accepted by many organizations.  And it is the wave of the future, making seminars more accessible as well as providing a healthier environment.

Materials being presented are key topics and valuable for attendees.  However, because attendees will be helping Rogers Economics introduce and develop these child support CLE Zoom based seminars, the cost is at a low “introductory” rate—see the registration form for details.  For this seminar, attendance will be limited to allow better interaction between attendees in the Zoom conference room.  Registration is limited to 10 for each seminar date.

  • Deviation procedure is covered in detail. Having simple but compelling exhibits adds to meeting procedure and strengthens your arguments.
  • Can you readily explain what your deviation amounts are based upon? This seminar helps you create understandable supporting exhibits.
  • Not sure how to organize your client’s information for analysis and presentation? Lean how to make courtroom documents that judges really appreciate.
  • The seminar tools include an Excel version of Rogers Economics’ Excel deviation calculator which covers more deviation factors, including parenting time deviations, Child Tax Credits, travel expenses, child care tax credits, among others. Importantly, you can copy and paste all exhibits into Word or WordPerfect!
  • Appellate opinion has gotten more emphatic that all guideline procedure must be met. This CLE seminar focuses on what appellate opinions are for important child support factors, focusing and how to tie in economic facts of a case for compliance.
  • Getting attention in the seminar is the issue of Child Tax Credits which doubled in size with federal tax reform in December 2017.

For more information about the seminar details, agenda, and registration form, click on the CLE date that interests you below.

  • Full brochure (PDF) with agenda and registration, Thursday, November 19, 2020 , Zoom Conference Room for location.  Click here.
  • Full brochure (Word, for typing registration) with agenda and registration, Thursday, November 19, 2020 , Zoom Conference Room for location.  Click here.

The seminar additionally includes:

  • Standard “digital tools” from seminars conducted by Rogers Economics.
  • Digital tools include a variety of items with a few examples being: financial affidavit in Excel format, Excel parenting time calculator, list of explanations by deviation factor for use in Schedule E, an example of a worksheet input memo, and a check list for preparing multiple worksheets.
  • The digital tools also include a folder of legislation impacting the guidelines over the years, underlying documents of facets of the guidelines, OCGA § 19-6-15 in a bookmarked (by code subsections) in Word format.
  • Power Point slides of the presentations.
  • Check back on RogersEconomics.com for additional seminar dates.


New Manuals for Attorneys & Laypersons

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Personal Injury

Providing expert analysis and testimony for a wide variety of services related to economic damages.

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Child Support Analysis

Expert testimony is available for explaining deviations that apply to your client's case.

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Continuing Legal Education

Rogers Economics conducts Continuing Legal Education seminars oriented toward explaining how child support guidelines work.

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Governmental Analysis

Rogers Economics is experienced with helping states meet federal requirements to analyze child support guidelines with up-to-date economic data on child costs.

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Rogers Economics is a multi-service economics firm with proven results in the areas of legal economics, governmental and corporate analysis
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