Child Support – Continued 2

Special Topics on Child Support

General Child Support Topics-Applicable for All States

  • Legal links
    • This page has links to key sites on federal and Georgia (including some counties) legal resources. Links are provided for statutes, legislation, court opinions, federal regulations, Georgia child support information, and other.
  • A Primer on Deviating for a Child Support Award
    • Child support guideline awards are not written in stone. Whether you are a noncustodial or custodial parent, you have the right to ask the court to make an award that is different from what is called the presumptive award-if your case facts indicate that the presumptive award is not appropriate. The presumptive award is the default award based on certain required inputs into the award formula. Such inputs include monthly income and the number of children and possibly other factors that vary somewhat by state.
    • There is never a guarantee that the court will diverge from the standard award, but understanding and applying the proper procedure for “deviating” can boost the odds of an award that is more appropriate for your situation. If the court enters an award that diverges from the default award due to certain circumstances in a case, this is referred to as deviating.
      • Click here to download a pdf file that has this primer in full.
  • Why might a custodial parent hire an expert on child support economics?
    • There are a number of reasons a custodial parent would want to hire an objective child support expert. The broad reasons include:
      • to ensure that a child support award is financially sound and is payable,
      • to ensure that the award is equitable,
      • to ensure that the children are properly supported in both households,
      • to take into account alimony when appropriate and together with economically sound child support,
      • to get a broad picture of the true financial impact of a variety of scenarios for child support, alimony, and tax effects,
      • high-income situations can require extra attention to convince the court to make a high-income deviation (Georgia’s presumptive awards stop at a level for $30,000 combined monthly gross income),
      • to help ensure a good relationship with the other parent,
      • to properly evaluate inputs into child support awards such as special income factors or special cost factors, and
      • to develop special solutions for child support and alimony cases, including but not limited to trust funds.
    • Click here for more extensive discussion on why a custodial parent might hire an expert on child support economics
  • State-Specific Child Support Information and Guidelines
    • From Links for all states. Find for most states, the state’s child support guidelines and state agency links. Some states’ child support calculator links are included.
      • Click here for more on your state’s child support information.
  • Legacy economic studies on child costs.
    • These studies go back more than 20 years and provide much of the foundation for states’ child support cost tables. These studies help one better understand the pros and cons of current child cost tables flaws and biases.
      • Click here to access the economic studies on child cost.
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