Child Support

Expert Economic Analysis for Child Support Cases

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Child Support Analysis and Expert Testimony

Expert testimony is available for explaining deviations that apply to your client’s case. Analysis includes economic exhibits explaining how deviation amounts were calculated. The analysis also includes standard legal arguments used by other attorneys in conformance with statute and appellate opinion.

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Special Topics on Child Support

General Child Support Topics-Applicable for All States

  • Legal links
  • A Primer on Deviating for a Child Support Award.
  • Why might a custodial parent hire an expert on child support economics?
  • State-Specific Child Support Information and Guidelines from
  • Legacy economic studies on child costs.

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Learn More About Changes in State Guidelines and Their Economic Reviews

Check out our pages on state government involvement in child support guidelines and how economic studies are used to calculate child costs.

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Georgia Specific Topics

Start Here–Frequently Asked Questions on Child Support Determination in Georgia

This pages gives basics one needs to know about child support awards in Georgia.  It is a good starting point for understanding your case needs.  Click here to go to the FAQ.

Modifying Child Support

So, you have a child support order in place. You are either paying or receiving. But times have changed since the child support was set and there have been significant financial changes for you or the other parent. Either the current award is insufficient based on new circumstances or you are struggling to pay due to subsequent changes. What do you do?

If your financial circumstances have changed or the needs of the child have changed, you can seek a modification of the child support award under specific circumstances.

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Parenting Time Issues and Deviating

Parenting time can be a significant cost factor not just for the custodial parent but also for the noncustodial parent. These pages cover a variety of issues for deviating for parenting time.

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Georgia Child Support Commission Information

Currently, the focus of the commission is the two economic study committees on parenting time and low-income self-support reserves.

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