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Here’s the link to the official Georgia Child Support Commission site:

GA CS Commission web site

However, the commission is a little slow to update material.

Rogers Economics is contributing material to the commission for it to consider for self-support calculations and for parenting time adjustments.  The below has links to much of this material.

The GA Child Support Commission began work with its economic study committees on parenting time and low-income self-support reserves.  The below reflect related information from either the study committees or Rogers Economics.


Parenting Time Issues

Click the below link for a research paper by Rogers Economics on parenting time adjustments.  The paper reviews the current status of Georgia’s guidelines on this issue and alternative approaches used by other states.

Understanding basic parenting time adjustments used by most states

Excel Calculator to Understand Alternative Parenting Time Adjustments

Click here for the calculator.

Click here for instructions on how to use the calculator.


Self-Support Reserve Issues

New Web Site on Needed Reform in Georgia for Low-Income Child Support Situations

A new web site has been set up to focus on issues facing low-income child support payers in Georgia.  Economic analysis indicates that Georgia’s child support awards in low-income situations are the most burdensome in the U.S.–leading to problems such as arrearages and diminished job prospects (loss of driver’s license).  These problems don’t just affect individuals but communities.  Please check out this web site for more information, including legislative efforts.

Go to

The below is legislation proposed by Rogers Economics for the Georgia Child Support Commission’s low income study committee to consider or at least to help to understand the issues.  The link further below to “Foundations” covers why Georgia needs a self-support reserve in its guidelines–examining legal, regulatory, and economic facets of the issue.

Proposed legislation by Rogers Economics

Foundations for proposed legislation

The parenting time Excel calculator also has a section on self-support calculations (proposed by Rogers Economics).  Download the Excel file in the parenting time section just above to understand self-support better.

New article on what states are doing to address low-income situations for child support determination–Georgia is at the bottom of the list for fairness on ability to pay for low-income child support payers

This article was prepared for presentation to the low-income study committee of the Georgia Child Support Commission.  The findings give details and also summarize what other states are doing.  But Georgia stands out in several respects.  Did you know that Georgia has the highest presumptive minimum award in the U.S.?  Most states use formulas for making adjustments to awards to ensure noncustodial parents have enough income after child support to pay for basic needs.  Georgia does not have a formula.  Finally, Georgia has one of the highest child cost tables in the U.S.  These facets of child support calculations in Georgia create many problems for low-income obligors simply because the overall guideline costs and lack of self-support formulas automatically create an unable to pay situation.

Click here to read more in pdf.

Click here for the Excel file with the states data.



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