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Economic Reviews of Child Costs for State’s Child Support Guidelines

Analysis by Rogers Economics for four-year economic reviews can include the following

  • Creating child cost tables:
    • Standard, using the latest data on Betson-Rothbarth economic studies on child costs
    • Standard but with a second household adjustment to take into account that divorced and unwed situations do not reflect intact families. The use of a second household adjustment (that brings cost schedules in line with income available for parents in two, separate households) is an increasingly notable issue. 
      Click here for a working paper on legal and economic issues of data based on intact versus non-intact family incomes and spending.
  • Comparing child support awards to those in neighboring states.
  • Special topics-methods states use for parenting time adjustments, treatment of day care expenses & health insurance premiums, addressing self-support needs, and other.
  • Reviewing guideline language on specific issues with best practices by other states.
  • Helping to insure compliance with new federal regulations. Addressing ability to pay is a key focus.
  • Critique of another expert’s four-year review to ensure quality standards and provide alternative views. Peer review is standard in academic settings and is appropriate for analysis of child costs and related topics.

An example of an economic report by Rogers Economics, Inc.

Alabama: Economic Report on Alternative Child Support Cost Schedules and Related Issues, 2016, submitted to State of Alabama, Administrative Office of Courts, Montgomery, AL, submitted by R. Mark Rogers, Rogers Economics, Inc., Peachtree City, GA, September 1, 2016.

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