Georgia Child Support Guidelines:

Deviation Strategies

The information presented in this manual is based on years of economic research on child support guidelines in Income Shares states as well as in those with other types of guidelines, child cost studies, federal and state tax codes, and how the economic issues of child support relate to legal standards and procedures…Read More

Georgia Child Support

Appellate Opinion By Topic

The “Must Have” reference book by Rogers Economics. You should never be in court for child support issues without it. When in court, various issues may arise and instead of stumbling through generic search services on your laptop, the appellate opinions in the book are arranged by topic. This makes it a breeze to locate the topic in…Read More

The Layperson’s How-To and Tools:

Child Support Worksheet and Financial Affidavit

A child support case can be arduous and confusing for people who have never dealt with child support before. If you are an individual just starting with or struggling to make sense of the child support process, take advantage of the tools the pros use to make sense of all the facts and figures. Rogers Economics has used years of experience to design…Read More

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