A New “Must Have” Product by Rogers Economics

Georgia Child Support Appellate Opinion by Topic

This reference book produced by Rogers Economics is in pdf format. You should never be in court for child support issues without it.

This book reflects two decades of consulting on child support issues and becoming familiar with key appellate opinion with plenty of help over the years from dozens of attorneys.

When in court, various issues may arise and instead of stumbling through generic search services on your laptop, appellate opinions are arranged by topic. Each topic has highlighted subject sentences so you know what each opinion has for focus. Instead of merely listing case citations, each subject within a topic has moderately detailed quotes for the opinion and with the very key portions being highlighted.

Georgia Child Support Appellate Opinion by Topic is a work in progress. The initial version covers many topics. However, the book is continually being expanded.

When you purchase this reference manual you get free updates over the following year. They will come automatically. So, you get to stay on top of new opinions on child support. Later, subscribers get a discount for continuing updates after the first year.

Again, this is a reference manual you can’t do without in court.

Also, included in a Word document of OCGA § 19-6-15-the child support guidelines. What makes it special is that it is bookmarked at the front of the document by code section. So, you can easily jump to any section as it is being discussed in court.

To get a look at Georgia Child Support Appellate Opinion by Topic, the following link shows the current table of contents (there are two table of contents-by topic and then by topic with key subjects within the topic. And selected pages also are shown.

To view a sample of the Georgia Child Support Appellate Opinion by Topic reference book click here.

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