Deviation Strategies

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Georgia Child Support Guidelines: Deviation Strategies

The information presented in this manual is based on years of economic research on child support guidelines in Income Shares states as well as in those with other types of guidelines, child cost studies, federal and state tax codes, and how the economic issues of child support relate to legal standards and procedures. The legal background primarily has come from attorneys advising clients on common child support issues and on how the attorneys tie economic arguments with legal procedural requirements-including for rebuttal.

This manual covers key topics in applying child support cases in Georgia. It blends application of statutes, appellate opinions, using economic data, designing economic exhibits, and practical tips on making the daily routine on procedure and case management easier. The focus is on applications in Georgia, but this work draws on national studies and helpful appellate opinion from other states. Chapters include a variety of topics-basics on the framework of Georgia’s “Income Shares” child support guidelines, deviation procedure and strategies (broad based concepts and individual deviation factors), special topics-legal/economic issues and daily routines for case work.

Inside the manual, you will find a link to download supplemental materials. Click Here for a list of these materials.

To view a sample of the Georgia Child Support: Deviation Strategies reference book Click Here.

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