The Layperson’s How-To and Tools:

Child Support Worksheet and Financial Affidavit

$29.95 USD

A child support case can be arduous and confusing for people who have never dealt with child support before. If you are an individual just starting with or struggling to make sense of the child support process, take advantage of the tools the pros use to make sense of all the facts and figures.

Rogers Economics has used years of experience to design these materials to help the average person understand worksheets and financial affidavits and how to fill them out. A step-by-step guide for filling out the official GA child support worksheet is easy to understand and follow so you know all your information is right, which can potentially save you money. Also included is our easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet version of the financial affidavit so you don’t have to keep updating manually when one or two items change.

There is a separate step-by-step guide for the spreadsheet to help you navigate your financial affidavit and ultimately help you and your legal counsel present your best case in court.

To view a sample of the The Layperson’s How-To and Tools: Child Support Worksheet portion Click Here.

To view a sample of the The Layperson’s How-To and Tools: Financial Affidavit portion Click Here.

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